isabel marant x h&m collaboration

I’ve never actually waited in line for any article of clothing before. The closest I’ve been is setting my alarm to wake up for net-a-porter’s semi annual sale. But, since I’m currently unemployed, waiting for bar results, and happen to love isabel marant, I had little issue with braving the crowds and cold for the release. I actually obsessed about this collaboration for months and months. As soon as vogue’s website released the entire collection, I poured over each picture so many times that I practically had a mental image of every single item tattooed in my head. Shameful to admit… Yes kind of. Since I was already in San Francisco, I figured I would head down to Union Square and check out the line situation during the day. At noon, no line. I couldn’t believe it! Hong Kong already had lines TWO nights before. I know this because I refreshed #hmisabelmarant on Instagram like a crazy person. I’m even a little embarassed to admit that I had a bad dream about not getting anything! I was relieved, but still wary… Who knows what the line would look like come nightfall? Well, not too much different actually. I showed up at 9:30pm and less than 10 people were in front of me. Wow. Yay for meeeee! And I didn’t even care showing up by myself because I knew I’d be surrounded by a bunch of dedicated, passionate isabel marant lovers who would happily discuss all things isabel marant for all hours of the day and night. Which is exactly what happened for the next 11 hours :) . Yes, it was freezing cold; yes, I should’ve brought a folding chair; yes, I probably should’ve gotten more sleep and not drank so much liquids right before I went. But all of that was worth this unique experience. I made friends, got to do something I normally would never do, and walked out with everything I wanted… And more. The key was strategy: picking out exactly what you wanted beforehand in your head, and then being extremely focused as you went for those items. Being #7 in line helps a little too ;) . I grabbed two sizes of everything just to be sure I had one of the right size. 15 min is more than enough to get what you want. And using those big shopping bags is key so you can stuff away and free up arm space. Thanks to all the time I spent looking and researching what I wanted, I knew I wouldn’t be distracted by the other stuff in the collection.

As for the collection itself, I went mostly for the basics: the grey sweatshirt, the charcoal grey sweatsuit, the white linen tees, and I knew I wanted the beige chunky cardigan from the boy’s collection. It was actually the first thing I went for. The bf and sister hate this sweater… Apparently I look like a bleeding bird, but I appreciate its design and ode to the Yosemitte Alpaca Navajo Cardigan from a few seasons ago. I was disappointed with a couple things: 1. The white linen shirts are really really see through. I have no problem with a semi-sheer shirt, but these are almost too sheer. They are also a bit itchy, but I guess linen can be like that so not a deal breaker. 2. The sizing is really inconsistent. The light grey sweater is the worst example of this. I normally take a 2 in everything and the only two sizes on the rack were 2 and 8. The 8 ended up fitting fine. I could not even put the 2 on. The quality overall is OK, not the best, but you have to understand that you’re going for price and style over quality. That’s why I went for the basics as they tended to be made from more natural fabrics. I also just happen to love the way she designs basics. Even the prices are not a bargain by any means, but when you compare the collaboration prices to her normal prices, it is actually a great deal.

Overall, I am really happy with the pieces I scored and I had a really great time waiting in line! I feel badly for all of those people who had to deal with the failed online situation, but I had a feeling that was going to happen and didn’t want to risk it.

I’m already planning how I’m going to stake out the next collaboration! :)












europe photo diary

I just returned from a month long post-bar trip with my sister to Europe, specifically Spain and Italy. We’ve been to most of the places on our itinerary before, with the exception of some new ones like Barcelona and Ibiza. This trip was really different from previous Europe trips we took. Since we have seen most of the must-see attractions in these cities before, we spent most of our time relaxing and wandering around, which allowed us to relax and get to know these amazing cities better. Next time I travel, I will definitely try to recreate this trip: visit fewer places for longer periods of time!

I hope you enjoy this collection of pictures I took, all using my iPhone 5. I was actually incredibly happy with the quality. 20130925-134421.jpg20130925-134341.jpg20130926-225005.jpg20130926-161647.jpg20130926-161615.jpg20130926-161633.jpg20130926-161603.jpg20130926-161512.jpg20130926-161533.jpg20130926-161458.jpg20130926-161545.jpg20130926-161445.jpg20130926-161423.jpg20130926-161410.jpg20130926-161326.jpg20130926-161705.jpg20130926-161355.jpg20130926-161307.jpg20130926-161248.jpg20130926-161230.jpg20130926-161133.jpg20130926-161215.jpg20130926-161120.jpg20130926-161202.jpg20130926-161009.jpg20130926-161044.jpg20130926-161022.jpg20130926-160948.jpg20130926-160931.jpg20130926-160916.jpg20130926-160859.jpg20130926-160841.jpg20130926-160824.jpg20130926-160811.jpg20130926-160731.jpg20130926-160747.jpg20130926-160643.jpg20130926-160626.jpg20130926-160543.jpg20130926-160527.jpg20130926-225055.jpg20130926-160502.jpg20130926-225113.jpg20130926-225124.jpg20130926-225136.jpg20130926-225158.jpg20130926-225207.jpg20130926-225329.jpg20130926-225314.jpg20130926-225252.jpg20130926-225344.jpg20130926-225418.jpg20130926-225400.jpg20130926-225452.jpg20130926-225431.jpg20130926-225521.jpg20130926-225506.jpg20130926-225538.jpg20130926-225550.jpg20130926-225559.jpg20130926-225644.jpg20130926-225613.jpg20130926-225654.jpg20130926-225706.jpg20130926-225721.jpg20130926-225739.jpg20130926-225755.jpg20130926-225838.jpg20130926-225808.jpg20130926-225817.jpg20130926-225855.jpg20130926-225908.jpg20130926-225920.jpg20130926-225959.jpg20130926-230016.jpg20130926-230032.jpg20130926-230108.jpg20130926-230051.jpg20130926-230119.jpg20130926-230144.jpg20130926-230129.jpg20130926-230153.jpg20130926-230203.jpg20130926-230246.jpg20130926-230215.jpg20130926-230224.jpg20130926-230301.jpg20130926-230343.jpg20130926-230335.jpg20130926-230402.jpg20130926-230414.jpg20130926-230422.jpg20130926-230437.jpg20130926-230455.jpg20130926-230519.jpg20130926-230535.jpg20130926-230607.jpg20130926-230615.jpg20130926-230634.jpg20130926-230644.jpg20130926-230656.jpg